Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Food Journey #8 -- RED SoHo Again

So, dinner with In-Laws & Parents this evening and mother wanted to try RED SoHo after hearing from her friends so much regarding the food. Will keep the blog nice & simple and go straight into the food. Located in the heart of SoHo, restaurant has a good vibe & a definite good place to people-watch. As a neutral, have eaten here at lunch a few times but dinner on the otherhand, is very different - much more relaxed, laid back and service is great. Not overly attentive but not scrappy! Dishes we ordered: Caesar Salad -- Generous Portion but slight downside is the plate seems very small on the table. Taste is superb -- not too richly flavoured. Soup of the Day (Wild Mushroom Soup with Cream) -- Didnt personally try this as not a fan of soup but very positive comments so I heard Old Bay Crab Cake -- Have tried plenty of crab cakes in Hong Kong and this to me tastes superb in the sense that you know it is "real" crab unlike many other restaurants. If they can increase the portion size, I can have this as my main course Pop Corn Shrimp with Chipotle Mayonnaise -- I like the overall taste and the shrimps are very fresh and pairs very well with the Chipotle Mayonnaise. Again, too bad that the portion sizes are a bit small and still the Pop Corn Shrimp in Inn-Side Out in Causeway Bay is still my best rated in Hong Kong so far. Turkey Burger - Gut feeling tells me that the local crowd will not enjoy this burger as the texture of the turkey is very dry. However, the burger bun is very crispy and should pay attention to the portion sizes of the avocado with the additional $12 charges. **Grilled Salmon Fillet with Basil Dressing -- This is a truly spectacular dish, my highly recommended dish at RED SoHo. Very rare do you find the outer layer of the skin so cripsy but the inner core ivery moist & juicy. Very incredibly healthy dish and the tomato & basil dressing pairs amazingly well with the juicy salmon! **American USDA Prime New York Strip 12oz -- Didnt try this dish but comments from the group were that the steaks at RED SoHo are god's gift and they returned to RED SoHo cos of the steaks -- enough said on the comments! RED Beef Burger -- Pounced on 1/4 of this burger as it was so tempting watching my fiancee's dad munching on that so I begged for a quarter. First time I tried their burger as I have heard many positive things on this but proved the comments are right. Very nice burger indeed and much much better than the commercial burgers you get in fast food joins (do not compare with the pricing point) **Chocolate Layer Cake -- This cake is absolutely surreal and can put life back into dead person. Quite possibly one of the best chocolate layer cakes in town and in fact I rate this the 2nd best cake in town. The inner part of the cake is moist which is perfect unlike other cakes where are dry & stale in the middle. Thank god there is a gym upstairs as the portions are MASSIVE!!!! **Pecan Pie -- Personally, between the Pecan Pie and the Choco Layer Cake, I prefer this dessert. So good that I completely forgot my homework to take a snap of this and finished this within 2 mins. Our group majority prefered the Chocolate Layer Cake, but I have my doubts. The Caramel ice-cream also pairs very well with the sweetness of the Pecan Pie and words cannot describe the moment of sensation!!! Overall, dinner was very plesant and my recommendation is to visit RED SoHo during a dinner for a plesant experience with your partner or mates! Address: 2/f, Kinwick Centre, 32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong Tel: 8199-8189 Food Quality (5* the highest): 3/1/2* Price (5$ = very expensive): $$$

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