Saturday, 5 September 2009

Food Journey #13 - Cambo Thai Restaurant (金寶泰國菜館)

Not very often do I visit parts of Kowloon City and we all know that Kowloon City is a food hub and many of talked about Cambo Thai Restaurant (金寶泰國菜館) as it contains 3 key elements about dining -- Simple, Quick & Cheap!
Cambo Restaurant not only has a Thai restaurant but also a Vietnamese restaurant on the same road and the restaurant is tiny but was crowded with cosy diners and the smell of the restaurant was full of Thai flavours. Beautiful Singha Beer to start off the dinner and we ordered the following dishes:
**Thai Prawn Sashimi: -- This was very fresh and some may be cautious regarding ordering raw food in such restaurants. Must order this dish if you like spicy food as the chilli, onion with the prawn sashimi is a delight. Very beautiful dish and will definitely order this again next time.
**Deep fried Prawn Balls filled with Prawn Paste: --Best dish of the evening. The Prawn Balls were deep fried to perfection, very juicy & taste was stupendously delicious. The prawn paste filling paired very well with the prawn balls and the flavour was very rich. The dish was so incredible that we ordered 2 portions (a total of 8 prawn balls). MUST ORDER
Curry Crab: -- Nothing special at all as never been a fan of crab. The curry was very watery and the explanation from the staff was that it is authentic thai style which I am very baffled about!
Stir Fry Kwei Diao: -- For Westerners, you can see this dish as stir fry pasta but in Thai style. Slightly sweet in flavour but the stir fry process was done to perfection and the entire dish was mouthwatering. So good that I finished at least 1/2 the dish!
Spicy Chicken Feet Thai Salad: This was my first time eating Chicken Feet ever since the Langham Hotel Video saga on youtube ( Since this was a cold dish, it was somehow very spicy and the chicken feet pairing with chilli is very refreshing on a hot summer day.
Stir Fried Vegetables: Vegetables are vegetables but the Thai style stir fry made it much more interesting. This is very different to the salads at Dressed or Just! If you do order, get your waitress or waiter to crank up the chilli paste, delight!
If you want hearty & scrumptious Thai Food, this is your place and it truly fulfills the 3 key elements. If you are lost in Kowloon side or visiting Kowloon City one day, do visit this restaurant as it is very good & cheap Thai Food to the highest.
Food Quality (5* the highest): ***
Price (5$ = very expensive): $
Address: 九龍城衙前塱道15號地下 Enquiry No : 2716-7318

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