Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Food Journey #10 -- Snacks in Taipei

Exhausting trip to Taipei from Sat - Mon whereby it was a total 3 days of non-stop work, food & partying with old friends. Been to Taipei on many occasions but this time with a main purpose to cover interesting reviews on my unique food adventure. Looking through my camera, I have taken so many photos solely on food therefore stay tune with my blog as I will be reviewing various items starting from today. We will dedicate today's posting on snacks in Taipei!
Street Snacks in Taipei:
Geez, this is not even 1/10 of the photos which I have taken and I have choosen below food to feature about as they are absolutely delicious!
1) Pancake Wrap with Mochi & Green Tea -- You can purchase this from the food court in Mitsuokushi (星光三越) near New York New York in Shun Yi District
2) When you are in Taipei, the "drink" to quench your thirst in 35 degree of heat is Taiwan's infamous bubble tea. For some odd reason, it tastes a lot better than the ones in Hong Kong, much more authentic and the bubbles in the tea are extremely chewy. Only go to Ti Yen Tea House for this (天仁)
3) Deep Friend Prawn Balls in Qiu Fen (九份), very tasty and pairs very well with sweet & sour sauce. Maybe I was extremely hungry on the day which made it even more delicious!
4) God knows how many types of sausauges there are in Taipei on the streets, but the regular pork sausauges, pork sausauges with fish roe (飛魚子) and black squid ink sausauges I thought were very interesting. Very different to your usual American BBQ or English Pork Sausauges and especially the black squid ink sausauge with its unusual colour.
5) **Grilled Jumbo Mushroom (雞脾菇) with smoked paprika in Qiu Fen (九份) for me is the best street food one get possibly eat. How often do you eat street food that is healthy but yet so tasty and juicy!!! My highest recommendation for the trip to Taipei!
6) Shaved Caramalised Peanut Chunks with Vanilla Ice-Cream Pan-cake -- I only took 2 bites of this and when you have eaten & tried out various food items during this short trip, there is literally no room for more food. Very sweet but the caramelised peanut chunks are very tasty.
Overall, I highly recommend to go try out the Grilled Jumbo Mushroom as it is one of the best snacks I have possibly have had in this region. Snacks in Taiwan are an absolute treat and I strongly recommend you all to visit the nightmarkets to try out the local snacks.
Next blog posting will be related to truly delectable meals in Taipei and stay tune!

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