Thursday, 10 September 2009

Food Journey #17 - Swiss Cafe (瑞士咖啡室)

Had a request on twitter and one of my followers of Geoff's Twitchen asked me to review what I normally eat for lunch in Hong Kong. Swiss Cafe, which is located underneath our office building is one of my usual spot as it is quick, good food and the food is relatively simple as it is a Cha Chang Tang (Chinese Fast Food Cafe) similar to the infamous Tsui Wah!
My regular orders in this place are the Beef or Barbecued Pork with Omelette with 2 slices of toast + a traditional Chinese Style Iced Coffee which is a lot better than that junk you get from other commercial chains around town. Other specialties include scrambled eggs with toast, Kaya (咖央) with toast, Chinese Style Milk Tea (奶茶) etc. Kaya (rich coconut egg jam) is a traditional Malaysia and Singapore food spread made from coconut milk, eggs which are flavoured by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. It has a seet and creamy texture, golden brown in appearance and is often used to spread on toast and enjoyed in the early mornings or as afternoon snack.
The restaurant itself is decorated in a very traditional Chinese style, very similar to a traditional (冰室) which is a traditional 60's Hong Kong style cafe. Very spacious and can fit in over 100 pax at once which is very unusual in Central aside from Tsui Wah.
What's not good about this place -- the food quality can be very inconsistent at time and what's worse, the food presentation is very inconsistent. Tuesday's omelette for some strange reason had ketchup in it and today's omelette did not have any ketchup, I wonder why as I am v puzzled. However, if you want something simple, hearty and good flavoured, check out Swiss Cafe during lunch hour. Be sure to arrive early as the queue can get ridiculously long.
Happy Eating!
Address: 12 Li Yuen West Street, Central 中環利源西街12號地下
Tel: 2111 0841 / 2111 0849
Food Quality (5* the highest): ***
Price comparison to regular Chinese Cafe (5$ = very expensive): $$$

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